Monday, July 23, 2012

Where I stand

Hello V--,

I hope this letter find you well and rest assured my own progress is slow but steady.  As I wrote previously, I found the booklet of rules and I am doing my level best to make heads or tails of it.  I am hopeful that by transcribing the rules into my own words, I should have at once a better concept for how to play it.  Well at the very least I might finally understand it. 

The game itself has one portraying a role which may be quite unlike yourself. Once each person is in character, a judge creates an evenings entertainment from their own fertile imagination!  One might even find themselves in struggle against supernatural or legendary beasts! In our age of science and reason one can hardly be expected to believe in such things, yet our own authors successfully fill the pages of weeklies with such tales! Now to be at risk in a such a tale?  Well the pulse races and mind reels at such thoughts.

I will leave you with such thoughts to consider as I continue my labors.

Best Regards,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Again!

Dear V,

I hope this missive finds you well. I apologize for my rather overlong silence. As you know I have spent ages exploring and rummaging through various private and university libraries.  While initially overcome with the breadth of such a task, I am happy to inform you at last my quest is, to a certain extent, complete.

You will remember Reginald's party a few years back? In the far corner a group gathered around a candle lit table with pencils, paper, and oddly shaped polyhedral orbs. They were quietly, and I must say intensely, discussing something.  That loud oaf Garvey was seated among them, and even he was curiously quiet and absorbed in the discussion!  Curiosity got the the better of me and as I edged closer to overhear what was being said, Libby had the misfortune of deciding to regale me with the details of her latest trip to London.

Vexed and distracted I politely paid attention and to my dismay the group managed to break up during Libby's lengthy discourse upon Autumn's fashion.  I managed to find Garvey and though he was reticent to discuss it I did manage to find out this table of companions had in fact played some sort of strange game that evening.  By using polyhedral dice and scraps of paper a story teller presented situations in which the other players declared actions and by rolling these strange dice a result was determined.  No cards nor gambling element took place, it was all of the mind like a living story.

Thus curious and perplexed I began searching for the rules of this game.  I believe I may have finally found the object of my search, and will share it with you soon.