Monday, July 23, 2012

Where I stand

Hello V--,

I hope this letter find you well and rest assured my own progress is slow but steady.  As I wrote previously, I found the booklet of rules and I am doing my level best to make heads or tails of it.  I am hopeful that by transcribing the rules into my own words, I should have at once a better concept for how to play it.  Well at the very least I might finally understand it. 

The game itself has one portraying a role which may be quite unlike yourself. Once each person is in character, a judge creates an evenings entertainment from their own fertile imagination!  One might even find themselves in struggle against supernatural or legendary beasts! In our age of science and reason one can hardly be expected to believe in such things, yet our own authors successfully fill the pages of weeklies with such tales! Now to be at risk in a such a tale?  Well the pulse races and mind reels at such thoughts.

I will leave you with such thoughts to consider as I continue my labors.

Best Regards,

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